Noise Reduction

‘Noise Reduction’ or Noise Removal, is the process of removing unwanted noise from an audio recording. This process is used in a range of cases, like cleaning up issues from a perfect musical take in the studio, cleaning up an actor’s on-set dialogue in a film to prevent ADR, or making a legal recording more clearly audible for a court case.

Common noise issues that would be reduced or removed are:

  • Background Noise (any sort of background sounds, like constant wind, HVAC, constant traffic, fans, etc)
  • Internal Noise (white noise produced by the electronics of the gear used to make the recording)
  • Clicks
  • Pops
  • Hums (often 50Hz or 60Hz electrical hums)
  • Buzzes
  • Breaths (most often used in music recordings)

iZotope RX is widely regarded as the most professional noise removal software at an affordable price point, but other professional options are available. Historically Cedar Tools have been the go-to professional noise-reduction software before iZotope came about. See here for our list of top noise reduction software tools.

screenshot of iZotope's acclaimed noise reduction software
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