Premiere Pro does have so many features right out of the box that can get most jobs done for a lot of video editors. However, there are countless software plugins that make Premiere Pro even more powerful. This article will focus on six of them that cover just about every part of post-production. There’s a plugin for top-notch slow-mos, smooth motion tracking, painless color correction, and more. For each plugin, we’ll give you the quick rundown about it, show you where you can find it, and tell you how much it costs. Let’s get started!




Twixtor by RE:Vision Effects

Twixtor is a time remapping plugin. It can create visually-stunning slow motion and fast motion video effects. While Premiere Pro’s internal time remapping tool works great, Twixtor takes this to the next level and then some. It even works on 360 footage.

Twixtor comes in two flavors: Twixtor V7 and Twixtor V7 Pro. Twixtor V7 costs $329.95. Twixtor V7 Pro comes with all of Twixtor V7’s features plus track point guidance, RGB+A tracking, motion vector exporting, and more. Twixtor V7 Pro is $595.


Magic Bullet Looks by Red Giant

Magic Bullet Looks is one of the top color correction tools for Premiere Pro. It’s 42 tools and 200 presets result in one of the most user-friendly experiences an editor can have while color correcting. Magic Bullet Looks uses real-time color grading with OpenGL and Cuda support so renders aren’t required to view color corrections.

Magic Bullet Looks’ presets are designed to match popular movies and TV shows which you can alter as much as you need to and create your own looks. Add vignettes and grains to your cut to make your own style as well.

You can get a free trial of Magic Bullet Looks. If or when you’re ready to purchase it’s $399.


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Mocha Pro 2019 by Boris FX

Mocha Pro 2019 is the one motion tracking plugin to rule them all. It is essentially an app inside an app. Mocha Pro 2019 will open up inside of Premiere Pro for you to do your motion tracking.

Need to blur a logo on a person that’s moving? Want to replace what’s shown on a cell phone in a shot? Mocha Pro 2019 has you covered. Use Mocha Pro 2019 for planar tracking, roto and masking, object removal, object insertion, stabilization, and more. There’s a bit of a learning curve when you’re getting started but can give you some seriously amazing results.

A new license for Mocha Pro 2019 costs $695 or you can get an annual subscription for $295.


Film Impact Transition Packs

Film Impact’s Transition Packs are easy-to-use essential transitions for every Premiere Pro user. Let’s face it — Premiere Pro doesn’t have the best out-of-the-box transitions. Film Impact’s transitions are the perfect plugin to give you that professional look for any transition point.

These transitions include Impact Push, Impact Blur Dissolve, Impact Stretch, Impact Rays, Impact Chroma Leaks, Impact Wipe, Impact Light Leaks, Impact Solarize, Impact 3D Flip, Impact Pop, and Impact Pull. Film Impact Transition Packs are ridiculously simple to install and to get started with.

There are four Transition Packs that range from $59-$99 for individual packs. You can get all four for $287. The Bounce Pack which contains Impact 3D Flip, Impact Pop, and Impact Pull is $85.


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RX 7 Standard by iZotope

RX 7 Standard by iZotope is an audio repair tool plugin for Premiere Pro. You can do things like change the inflection of dialogue with their Dialogue Inflection tool. How many times have you needed something like that, huh? Other features include removing room noise, voice reverb, and breaths in a snap.

RX 7 Standard by iZotope costs $399. iZotope has more expensive products with even more tools if you’re looking for that ultimate audio plugin too.


Shooter PluralEyes 4 by Red Giant

Another highly-used plugin by Red Giant is their Shooter PluralEyes 4. This plugin syncs audio and video clips in seconds. If you have any type of workflow that requires you to sync audio with video, Shooter PluralEyes 4 is a must. It opens up as another panel inside of Premiere Pro and will shave hours off of importing and organizing new footage and audio.

To use the plugin, import your video and audio files and hit Synchronize. Shooter PluralEyes 4 takes care of the rest and populates your timeline full of synced clips. Shooter PluralEyes 4 costs $299 or you can get the full Shooter Suite that includes Shooter PluralEyes 4, Shooter Offload, Shooter Instant 4K, and Shooter Frames for $399.


Wrapping Up

No matter what type of video you’re creating, there’s probably a plugin that’ll make it easier to create and give you better-quality effects. These six are just a handful of wonderful Premiere Pro plugins.