1. Soundsnap Focuses Exclusively on Sound Effects

No stock photos, video, fonts or stock music. We are a sound effects library, made by sound people, and you can tell the difference.


  1. Twice the Size of the Second Largest Unlimited SFX Library

Soundsnap is the first and largest online library to offer an unlimited sound effects downloads subscription plan.


  1. Legal, Royalty Free Sound Effects

By getting sound effects from Soundsnap, you can rest assured that the sounds are all legally licensed by the world’s most reputable content providers.


  1. High Quality, Curated Content

From Hollywood all the way to Japanese video games companies, Soundsnap sources its sound effects from the world’s best recordists and sound designers.


  1. A Team of Sound Nerds

The Soundsnap team has mixed experience in sound editing, sound design, music production, audio engineering and mastering. They all share a love for sound and what it can offer to the world. Here‘s our founder’s TED talk where he talks about the deceptive nature of sound design in film.


  1. A Well Organized Sound Effects Library

The descriptions and tags are handcrafted in-house to make it easier to discover the right sounds efficiently.

image screenshot of tags and category associated with a sound effect on soundsnap

  1. A Clean & Responsive Interface

    Minimalism, detail, and UI “snappiness” are all essential components to the Soundsnap interface. Keyboard arrows help to speed up navigation.


  1. Accurate Waveform Views

Soundsnap features pixel accurate, responsive waveforms. This helps to speed up browsing by skipping to the right part of a sound or visually skipping to the right sounds quickly. 

image screenshot of soundsnap's sound effects waveform view interface


  1. Suggestive Search Functionality

Soundsnap’s smart search suggests keywords based on what you’ve started typing, speeding things up while helping to generate ideas. Try it out here on the Soundsnap homepage.

image screenshot of soundsnap's sugestive search functionality in their sound effects search
you say ‘water’, soundsnap says ‘sure, what kind’


  1. World Class Support

Soundsnap’s team is always standing by, ready to help with any technical difficulties users might experience while using the library. They guarantee a response within 24 hours.


  1. Dedication to Constant Improvement

The team is always working to improve the user experience as well as the library. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome, and can be sent to hello@soundsnap.com.


  1. A Deep Love for Sound

This is the main ingredient that cannot be replicated:

The passion for sound design, the love for audio, and the dedication that comes with it.


To gain access to unlimited downloads from a selection of 250,000+ professional sound effects, visit Soundsnap.