The production world is a large industry, filled with lots of very niche specialties. You might be having a tough time finding jobs, which can often be the case. However, there are tons of places to look for jobs, it’s just a matter of thinking around the usual curve of job board sites. Below is a list of websites (not in any particular order) worth checking out for gigs, both in the freelance world and for long-term employment:


  1. Media Match
    media match logo

Media Match is a great platform to keep up with what’s going on the media world, but it’s also a hub for lots of job postings for production in the United States. You can register here for free, but to have your profile visible to companies, you’re going to be paying $15 per month.


  1. ProductionHUB

    production hub logo

Production Hub is an international network that specializes in pooling job opportunities in the media world. It’s a go-to source for companies like Fox, BBC, CNN, and many others.

Sign up here and check out the pricing. You can get a 30-day free trial, then it’s $5 a month after that for the lowest level membership (and it’s pretty limited). That gives you one free response to a job per month. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for your credits (starting at $30 for 10 responses).

The next level up is $60 per month and this is really what you’re going to need if you want to be able to respond to people about jobs all the time.


  1. Staff Me Up
    staff me up logo

Another great hub for production jobs, Staff Me Up features job postings by notable media presences like VICE, Pilgrim Studios, and Discovery. Here, you can apply to 5 jobs per month for free.

The paid plans are more affordable here than many other services ($20 per month for the highest level). The alerts feature on the paid plans can be quite handy.


  1. Film & Television Connection

This Facebook group is free to access, and there are round-the-clock posts on production related events, networking possibilities, one-off gigs and job opportunities. When you click to join, you will need to wait for approval by admin.


  1. Media Bistro
    media bistro logo

Around since before the advent of the Internet era, Media Bistro is the mecca of production job searches. In addition to its job boards, it also publishes blogs that analyze and give insight into the industry. Best of all, it’s free to apply.


  1. The Crewing Company
    the crewing company logo

The Crewing Company is a broadcast media recruitment specialist based in London, supplying video production crew across the UK. It contains listings for both permanent and freelance gigs.

Unlike some other sites, not all freelancers are guaranteed access to their service. One must apply and be approved, as The Crewing Company actively finds their freelancers work for free (rolling their fee into the client’s fee). They also handle contracts and paperwork and ensure prompt payment. Apply here.


  1. The Production Guild
    the production guild logo

A perfect hub for bringing media professionals in the UK together, The Production Guild is a member-based group that specifically targets film and TV drama productions. To gain membership to this resource, you will have to provide your film/tv credits as well as pay the membership costs (£325 annually). The Production Guild is for serious professionals looking for other serious professionals in the UK.


  1. London Actors & Filmmakers

Specializing in reaching both crew and talent together, this Facebook group is a great free source for UK production-starters looking to find other like-minded folks for projects.


  1. TV Watercooler
    tv watercooler logo

For those in the UK, TV Watercoolor is not just a place to look for TV jobs, but also a place to find more places with TV production. A great spot for freelancers to get started.

Click here for their database of all the production companies they’ve found with job pages or that accept resumes/CVs.

Click here for their live feed of job postings.


  1. Mandy
    mandy logo

Mandy is one of the larger cast, crew, and production job finding websites. It features jobs for everything from camera operators to voice over artists and everything in between.

However, since it’s merger with FTP, free profiles are only able to access non-paying jobs, so in order to access and apply for paid jobs, you will need a paid account, costing about £18 per month, or £144 per year.


  1. Broke in London
    broke in london logo

The name says it all. While Broke in London is a more generalized job hunting site, their media site curation is great and collects resources that cover everything from casting calls to post-production.


  1. Grapevine Jobs
    grapevine jobs logo

Since their start in 2006, Grapevine has emphasized quality over quantity in terms of their curation of media jobs in Australia and New Zealand, with a site that is geared towards professionals, rather than the general public.


  1. News Corp Australia
    news corp australia logo

Another top source for Australian jobs, News Corp keeps an eye out for not only job postings, but articles and links pertaining to the field as well.


  1. That Eric Alper
    that eric alper logo

For the latest news in media, Toronto-based That Eric Alper is a great hub, helmed by the site’ titular radio personality. In addition to news, the site is also a great source for media jobs in Canada that range from copywriting, to editing, to administration jobs in the field.


  1. Student Filmmakers

A great place to beef up your resume, this Facebook group is an international hub that connects students looking to spread the word on their projects and connect with others in their fledgling production careers.


  1. Naukri

Known well as India’s No. 1 job site, their media resources are unsurprisingly bountiful. It’s a vast sea, but one with plenty of room to set sail and find your island.


  1. Creative Cow
    creative cow logo

A perfect reference point for communities centered around digital video, editing, and media production, Creative Cow significantly reins it in for both professionals and those just getting started.


    1. LinkedIn
      linkedin logo

LinkedIn has become one of the best places to network on the internet. The toolset is powerful for salespeople, marketers and workers alike. Because of the data that LinkedIn has collected on professionals across the globe, it is also a convenient and powerful place to post a job, with the ability to hone in on the people you’re looking for (which makes it an equally great place to find work).

Those who spend time on LinkedIn networking rarely regret it. If you are of the professional minority who don’t have a LinkedIn account set up yet, head over to LinkedIn and get started!


    1. Craiglist
      craigslist logo

Despite the site design feeling like a time-capsule to the 1990’s, if you can get past the spammy postings, there is plenty of work to be found in your area, as it remains an affordable place to post jobs. Keep an eye on Craigslist every so often, or set up an IFTTT to alert you when something relevant pops up.

And remember, don’t put your email address or phone number in the post, unless you want to get pinged by spammers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


    1. Upwork
      upwork logo

Upwork (once Elance-oDesk), is a resource for finding freelancers of all sorts (salespeople, developers, you name it), and has a strong user base for production and post-production jobs as well. Just search for something like ‘video editing’ to see whats out there. Sign up for your profile here.


      1. People Per Hour
        people per hour logo

Another great resource for posting work. Set your price, handle everything within their application environment, and work to keep your customers happy (and CERT ranking high). Check out these videography and editing jobs. If you’re looking for local gigs, make sure to filter by location.


      1. Fiverr
        fiverr logo

Just about everyone has at least heard about Fiverr nowadays. Once a place where everything cost $5, now some people now can make a living off of Fiverr services alone. This is because of add-on services that build off of the core service/product, meaning one job can easily go up to $50 from its humble $5 starting point.

The key with Fiverr is volume, so offer up something that you can do efficiently and scale with it. Create your profile here to get started.


      1. Envato Studio
        envato studio logo

Here, you can market services like video editing and sound design at a price that makes market sense. Envato doesn’t allow just anyone into their services marketplace, but anyone is free to apply here.


      1. Sound Better
        sound better logo

For anyone working in sound or music, SoundBetter is a great place to post work for services like sound design, video game music composition, or post-production mixing. It gets even more niche with areas for people who specialize in quantizing midi/audio performances or for sessions musicians who specialize in instruments like the Dobro. If you are a freelance sound or music professional, this is the place to be, if at least just to check out your competition.

    1. Production Beast
      production beast logo

Production Beast is essentially a blog with each job listing as a post. Flip through the pages and you may find something relevant to you (or give it a good search). They have everything from pre-production to post-production and they will even notify you via email when something new pops up.