Editor’s Guide to Audio: Compression

As a modern video editor, there's a good chance you are in charge of doing some audio work as well. Learn to use audio compression tools to help make your video sound like it was professionally mixed.

5 Ways to Use Sound as a Core Game Mechanic

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7 Tips for Video Editors Doing Their Own Sound

Video editors nowadays often need to handle all audio related tasks on their own. Sound is its own craft and can be tough for beginners. Here are 7 essential tips for editors doing their own sound.

Understanding Final Cut Pro X’s Magnetic Timeline

Since it's inception, Final Cut Pro X has been under fire for their attempt at innovating the timeline. This magnetic timeline, however, can be useful and efficient if thoroughly understood. Find out how to use the magnetic timeline to your advantage.

7 Tips for Video Editors Doing Their Own Sound

Working with audio can be a complex process. Format, gain, level, sample rate, bitrate, reverb, and a plethora of other options can quickly lead to confusion in post. Video editors often find…

Understanding Final Cut Pro X’s Magnetic Timeline

Before reading this article, I’d like to point out that I’m a fan of most professional NLE software (Avid, Premiere, DaVinci, FCPX). Most professionals acknowledge that there is no one definitive…

How To Make A Great Video Editing Reel

Director Alejandro González Iñárritu once said, “Movies become art after editing.” Video editing is vital to any production. Through the process, the raw footage of a shoot is assembled into a…

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Mahatma Gandhi said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” There’s no question that Gandhi was a wise individual. But, and I hate to admit it, he may not have made the best video……

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I’m working on a project in Premiere Pro where I need to create name titles for a large number of map graphics. These titles are a simple design, with basic text aligned on a black rectangular…